Learning To Live With Less For a More Meaningful Life

MINIMALISM- Deciding what's important to you, and removing the rest.

  • resigning from one of our five jobs
  • cleaning out our closets
  • getting rid of electronic devices we don't use
  • donating things in our house that's collecting dust
  • and paying off debt...

2. Declutter Books

Are there books you enjoy having in your collection? KEEP THOSE!

Don't feel bad about having them if they're meaningful to you!

If there are books you no longer read or know it would be beneficial for someone else to read, give it away! 

3. Declutter Paperwork

Go paperless/Get your mail sent electronically 

Take photos of old cards or letters that are taking up space

Organize your photos in an album or in frames

Upload/Scan paperwork you'd like to keep and keep it digitally

4. Begin Paying Off Debt Vigorously

Follow Dave Ramsey's Method

The Snowball Method


5. Examine extracurricular activities, organization involvement + jobs

If you're doing something every single night and have no time for yourself, reexamine your schedule and think about letting go of something 

6. Meal Prep

If you're always eating out and/or spending your lunch breaks searching for food and standing in long lines...

Try preparing your meals at the beginning of the week.

Use the time you were spending every day getting food to just relax and breathe. 

You'll also be saving money and eating LESS.

Eating out usually always guarantees bigger portions that aren't needed! 

7. Don't buy anything else if you already have it.


you have a pair of white shoes but want another pair of white shoes.

you have 5 black dresses but want another black dress.

you have a car that's paid off and works perfectly fine but want another car.

8. Always ask, do I need this?

Thank you so much for journeying with us!

We hope you're inspired to live a more meaningful life with less!

Below are some of our book recommendations on minimalism...

There's also a Netflix Documentary we enjoyed!


If you have any further questions and/or want to chat, send us a e-mail at info@canwelive.co!

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